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Certifications E.S.E

Certifications E.S.E

“Il Consorzio E.S.E. precisa che le modifiche apportate a quanto pubblicato in precedenza sono state richieste dal C.I.C. (Consorzio Italiano Compostatori)”, in relazione ad eventi a loro accaduti nel corso del 2013, non correlati all’attività svolta per il Consorzio E.S.E., ma che ne hanno pregiudicato il risultato finale.”

Certification of compliance to the E.S.E. Standard

The Consortium E.S.E. is bound to conduct compliance tests on products member companies intend to certify, to ensure they indeed qualify to bear the E.S.E. mark, which is meant to serve as a sign of guaranteed quality, and not as a means by which to deceive the public.

The Consortium avails itself of inspectors and duly qualified independent Entities to perform these tests (see the SGS profile below).

The certification process is based on product testing and production control parameters defined by the Consortium E.S.E. Inspections are conducted at each member’s production plant in accordance with the schedule agreed upon with the Consortium.

The certification process foresees verifying abidance with all technical specifications foreseen by the Standard E.S.E. In the case of paper pods, the inspection focuses on their geometrical, chemical-physical, sensorial, functional and documented attributes. Machines are checked in terms of the temperature, volume, pressure, thickness of the froth, sensorial, functional and documented attributes. Pod manufacturing machine specifications regard the servings produced by them.

Profilo SGS

SGS has been entrusted by the Consortium to conduct E.S.E. standard compliance checks on Member products. Founded in 1878, SGS is the global industry leader in inspection, analysis, verification, testing and certification services for goods, services and systems.

It has a network of 1200 offices and labs around the world, and more than 32,000 employees.

In Italy, where it started operating in 1915, it provides work to more than 500 people between its own employees, professional consultants and contractors. SGS is an independent inspection and verification entity with 8 business/service divisions:

  • agricoltural;
  • minerals;
  • oil gas & chemicals;
  • industrial;
  • environmental;
  • consumer testing;
  • systems & services certification;
  • trade assurance.

SGS website