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Today the following companies are E.S.E. Consortium's members:

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iconaCoffee Processors

iconaFilter Machines

iconaEspresso Coffee Machines

The E.S.E. Members

Belonging to the Consortium marks a specific strategic choice made by a company that has a pioneering vision and wishes to get itself ready for future challenges within the market, especially as far as its approach with end consumers is concerned.

When the Consortium was founded in 1998, the E.S.E.-recognised products of members comprised 16 brands in the case of machine manufacturers (10 different coffee groups in total) and 9 brands in the case of roasting companies (5 commercial brands in total).

Today the E.S.E. members are 24 and some 165 products in total (comprising espresso machines and servings) are now certified and bear the E.S.E. trademark.

Cafés Richard De' Longhi
Groupe Seb Handpresso
I.C.A. illycaffè / FrancisFrancis!
KitchenAid Kraft Foods
Lavazza Nestlé Professional
Saeco Sara Lee
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