La nuova sfida competitiva

“Coevolution: the new competitive challenge”

Are operators actively trying to establish the transparency required of them as a professional category, a system, an industry so that consumers may appreciate everything they are doing within this market?

There are two possible starting points: within the scope of complex systems, cooperation yields better rewards than competition; this does not mean foregoing competitive behaviour, but rather that in complex systems mixing a little cooperation with a lot of competition is necessary to achieve good results.

In this type of market there are precompetitive dynamics that can guide the consumer better than a totally competitive scenario would, and make it possible to establish a common language consumers can understand and value.

This would effectively keep consumers from postponing their purchase due to their being overly confused by the offer.

Cooperation requires paying a lot of attention to the consumer, who currently is a butterfly consumer. Unless the sector makes its offer more transparent, there is a good chance that consumers will continue shopping around and favour newcomers due to the lack of clear information.

In the new hyper-competitive market climate, the most widely recognized guiding mechanism is the process of convergence that drives the evolution of many industrial businesses.

Many companies, in order to keep pace with the market and meet its complex demands, should be well advised to integrate the asymmetric capabilities of other companies or competitors. 
The challenge of coevolution is not merely a neologism, but a new way to compete.