Welcome aboard Caffè Musetti, new member of the Consortium E.S.E.!


The Consortium for the Development and Protection of the Standard E.S.E., in the name of its President, Directors and Members, is proud to officially announce the enrollment of Caffè Musetti as Member of the Consortium.

As stated by the President of the Consortium Furio Suggi Liverani: “For all member companies the presence of Caffè Musetti will surely constitute an important opportunity to compare and share technical knowledge, and interesting market experiences”.

Passion for coffee, utmost respect for the main ingredient and its transformation are the key drivers behind every choice made by the company during its long history.

For that reason, Caffè Musetti has always strived to improve and maintain the high quality of products it offers to consumers.  

In line with this philosophy, Musetti undertook and completed a challenging project (named E7C), on E.S.E. standard compliant paper pod products. 

This is a great achievement for both Caffè Musetti and the Consortium E.S.E., as among other things the ambitious project named E7C required the coffee roasting company to become a member of the Consortium. 

Let’s take a closer look at what project E7C is all about:

 E: stands for E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) certification. Musetti has officially become a member of the Consortium E.S.E., the body that promotes and validates the international standard for coffee pods*, which effectively ensures optimal extraction results.  The pods have to be produced according to precise and rigorous procedures, placing quality and end-customer satisfaction at the center of every operation. To that effect, the Consortium periodically inspects its members’ products at their manufacturing plants.

The Consortium unites leading international coffee roasting and espresso machine manufacturing companies, including giants such as Illy, Lavazza, Saeco, and De Longhi. Musetti will work together with these competitive and authoritative entities towards the common goal of affirming and developing the offer of the portioned coffee ‘system”. For all participants this will be a great opportunity to compare and share technical knowledge and interesting market experiences.

 * the pod is composed of coffee that has been roasted, ground, pre-portioned, tamped, and sealed within two circles  of food-grade filter paper.  The portion of ground coffee must weigh at least 6.5 grams. The pod nominal dimensions must conform with the following measurements and their respective tolerances: nominal diameter of 43.5 mm  with tolerance of -0/+1.0 mm; nominal height 9.6 mm with tolerance of -0.5/+1.0 mm (per the Technical Specifications, Attachment 1, of the Consortium E.S.E. Statute) 

 7: stands for the grams of coffee within the pod.  7 is the number of true Italian espresso, the exact weight required to make espresso just like that served by the best bars. 

 C: stands for compostability. E.S.E. pods are the first product to be entirely eco-sustainable.

The large Musetti family upholds the fundamental values that drive iconic projects and dreams. Besides love and passion for coffee, Musetti also denotes a profound commitment to our habitat. Our daily choices will determine the quality of life of our children and future generations. Their fate is our responsibility. 

From now on, Musetti pods will be made with 100% compostable paper. For the company this represents the first real step towards more conscientious resource management practices.