Quality upgrades

The Consortium made several investments to add value to the E.S.E. trademark and implemented several E.S.E. certification enhancements throughout its entire value chain. The new E.S.E. Standard parameters now foresee:

  • a narrower dimensional parameters acceptance range, which spans: 43,5 to 44.5 mm in diameter; 9,1 to 10,6 mm in thickness;
  • 4 espresso coffee categories (espresso, short, long and extra-long) to accompany the E.S.E. logo and better define the beverage type, should the manufacturer choose to do so;
  • eliminating “dual-validity” issues by prototyping 2 E.S.E. pods made of silicone (one small, one larger, with 55 and 65 shore hardness) that standardize and enhance the accuracy of conformance tests.