What it is

E.S.E. (acronym for Easy Serving Espresso) is a technology that simplifies the process of making a great cup of coffee and reduces it to a few, easy steps thanks to the use of servings (individually packaged single-servings containing 7 grams of ground coffee sealed between two thin layers of filter paper).

This international industrial standard (the only “open” system in the paper pod espresso coffee preparation sector) is in fact based on espresso machines and servings that are fully compatible with each other regardless of brand name, model or price range.

Freedom of choice and top quality are guaranteed simply by matching two E.S.E. trademarks: one found on the espresso machine and the other on the servings.

The standardization of the servings and machines technical and geometrical parameters effectively allowed to eliminate variables such as: the equipment difficulty of use, the possibility of choosing the wrong blend, product waste, incorrect dosing and pressing; this effectively guarantees espresso of constantly good quality.

The implementation of the standard E.S.E. allows to satisfy:

  • the industry’s need for a single reference standard and new market opportunities;
  • the consumers’ demand for transparency and freedom to choose from a wide range of brands, models and price levels.

The Easy Serving Espresso trademark found on espresso machines and packaged pods allow the consumers (and retailers) to verify they are compatible and hence be sure of their choice.

This is one of the reasons why a great number of coffee roasters, espresso machine and pod manufacturers have decided to focus on the paper coffee servings market sector. It is a market with huge potential for development, which is attracting the attention of an ever-increasing number of operators world-wide.