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How to become members

Becoming part of the Consortium is a strategically important choice for any company looking to face the challenges of the market from a position of knowledge and strength, especially in terms of approaching the end consumer.

Companies in the sector can join by filing a membership request form. Once the eligibility conditions and compatibility with the objectives foreseen by the Consortium Articles of Association are verified, the Board of Directors decides whether or not to approve the Company’s membership request.

Consortium Membership is limited to the following types of Company:

  • coffee roasting companies who produce and/or sell coffee servings made according to the E.S.E. Standard;
  • companies who produce and/or sell machines that use E.S.E. Standard espresso pods;
  • manufacturers who produce machines for making E.S.E. servings;
  • trade associations directly or indirectly interested in the development of the E.S.E. Standard, headquartered in Italy or abroad;
  • companies who produce raw materials used to make coffee servings and espresso machines;
  • mass distributors of private label coffee servings.

Admission forms and documentation are provided upon receipt of a written request, which the interested parties should send via e-mail to the General Office of the Consortium E.S.E. at: redaelli@eseconsortium.com


The documents that will be required to request admission to the Consortium are:

  • Request for Admission letter
  • Enrolment confirmation letter
  • Letter of Assignment, appointing SGS as the authorized certification entity
  • Service price list for the execution of E.S.E. Standard compliance tests

Technical documents (to be requested from the Consortium Office via e-mail)

  • The Articles of Association, including its 5 attachments (Technical specifications and Instructions for the use of the Check-it-E.S.E. kit silicone pod prototype dimes)
  • E.S.E. mark user licence policy and agreement
  • E.S.E. product conformance tests execution agreement

“Special” Certification of Compostability

  • Certification of compostability technical data sheet
  • Technical document for the voluntary certification of compostable products (Standard E.S.E. paper coffee pod)