E.S.E. News

E.S.E. News

Mr Furio Suggi Liverani was elected by unanimous vote Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Consortium E.S.E.

The appointment was made during the BoD meeting that took place immediately after the Members’ General Meeting at the end of February 2014, and he will remain in office until the expiry of the three-year mandate, in 2016. Mr Furio Suggi Liverani takes over from Mr Roberto Morelli who presented to the BoD his resignation from his duties in the…read more →

The Management 2013-2016

These are the Consortium’s  bodies currently in charge for the handling of all the E.S.E. standard development and promotional activities: The Board of Directors (2013-2016) Chairman Furio Suggi Liverani (illyaffè) Director Mario Cerutti (Lavazza) Director Renaud Gey (Groupe Seb) Director Michael McCauley (Cafes Richard) General manager Franco Guzzi (Cohn & Wolfe) The Disciplinary Council (2013-2016) Chairman David Brussa (illyaffè) Director Vincent Crosville (Cafes Richard) Director…read more →

The Board of Directors and the Chairman of E.S.E. Consortium were elected

At the end of the three-year term, Mr. Roberto Morelli (Director of Business Development illycaffè) was re-elected Chairman of the Consortium for the Development and Protection of the Standard E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso). The choices made by the Members that at the meeting confirmed the strategic importance of the compostability certification for the future of the Standard E.S.E., expressed continuity…read more →

Articles published in France and Italy after the press conferences in May

Articles published and foreseen to be published in France Following is the list of articles published so far by the French press after the announcement. For the most part the articles were featured by online publications focused on the topic of eco-sustainability and “green” products, although some also appeared on agri-food periodicals.   Articles published and foreseen to be published…read more →

Chairman of the Consortium E.S.E. elected

Roberto Morelli (Director of Global Marketing projects for illycaffè) has been elected Chairman of the Consortium for the Development and Protection of the Easy Serving Espresso Standard. Milan, March 2012- The E.S.E. Consortium Board of Directors, composed of Mario Cerutti (Luigi Lavazza SpA), Renaud Gey (Groupe Seb), Michael McCauley (Cafes Richard), Roberto Morelli (illycaffè SpA) and Franco Guzzi (General Director…read more →

Paris 16 May and Milan 17 May 2012

The E.S.E. Consortium has started the process required to obtain the certification of compostability and biodegradability.
E.S.E. pods will be discarded in the biodegradable waste bin. The consortium held a press conference in Paris on 16 May and another in Milan on 17 May 2012 to tell members of the press and companies in the sector of its latest efforts and…read more →