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The Consortium is still pursuing the E.S.E. green dot project

At the end of the 2013-2015 three-year period, the Presidency and exiting Board of Directors agreed that the winning binomial was: the standard E.S.E. and eco-sustainability.

Moreover, considering that the sector is undergoing a particularly lively period of activity, we should keep a close eye on it.

There are increasingly stronger signs that a mature product such as paper pods could experience a revival, and although it currently represents only 5% of the overall market value, if it were to grow by a few percentage points, our associated companies would nonetheless benefit from it.

For future use, the Consortium will complete the new compostable E.S.E. paper testing activities already in course of validation, and the related certification of compostability.

Secondary packaging materials will be fully researched and others thereafter to gradually build the “E.S.E. Green Dot”, which will be inextricably linked to the Standard E.S.E. trademark, to make the brand more attractive for consumers, as well as new members.

“E.S.E. Green Dot” project will also serve to broaden the Consortium members’ base, to include paper mills, packaging manufacturers, private labels and Mass Distributors (increasingly important players, also in terms of eco-sustainability).

The Consortium currently represents 10-15% of the overall national market volume. In order for it to have a definite impact and greater intervention capabilities, the minimum goal should be set at 50% for both OEM and industrial brands combined, which means half of the national market in terms of volume.

Participation in Consortium activities and particularly those of the new “E.S.E. Green Dot” pod, also adds another advantageous feature to the benefits member companies can enjoy. This means that besides the exclusivity of belonging to the consortium and the exclusivity of a single brand product, it will be an opportunity to boost the E.S.E. brand value and further ensure value-added for consumers.