The new membership of Caffè Borbone marks the 25th anniversary of the Consortium for the Development and Protection of the E.S.E. Standard

The Neapolitan company, controlled by Italmobiliare Spa, is one of the leading specialised producers of pods and capsules and is joining forces with fellow coffee roasters Illycaffè and Lavazza to share choices and meet environmental challenges for the future.

Milan, March 2023 – The Ordinary Members’ Meeting of the Consortium for the Development and Protection of the E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) Standard, which also gathered to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its establishment on 23 February 1998, doubled the celebrations with the membership application of Caffè Borbone.

As Massimo Renda, Chair of Caffè Borbone, explains, “We too have been carrying on the age-old tradition of the true Neapolitan espresso for 25 years, with great passion but always with a view to the future. And as sustainability comes first for Caffè Borbone, we felt the time had come to celebrate our mutual quarter-century milestone by joining the only association in the sector that – like us – has never stopped adopting a virtuous approach to the production of coffee pods made of compostable paper”.

At the conclusion of the Ordinary Members’ Meeting of the E.S.E. Consortium, which resolved the adhesion of Caffè Borbone, the Chair of the Consortium and Chief Scientific Officer of illycaffè SpA, Furio Suggi Liverani, commented: “We have gathered again a few years after our first pilot experiment on compostability. The idea was great, but the time was not yet ripe. Being too advanced does not usually bring direct rewards, but it does benefit the market. Now the time is ripe to face the important challenges that will increasingly concern the portioned coffee sector in terms of sustainability. And we will now do so together with Caffè Borbone”.

The Chair of the E.S.E. Consortium refers to the forecast growth in demand for single-serve coffee in compostable filter paper, as consumers are increasingly sensitive to the use of materials with a reduced impact on global pollution. “It is realistic to predict that the E.S.E. Consortium’s compostable paper pod will make a comeback. We are ready. And in 2023, we will also be increasing our vigilance in cases of improper use of the E.S.E. logo and lettering,” says Chair Suggi Liverani.

There is a hint of made-in-Italy pride too, because let’s remember that the E.S.E. Consortium was founded in Italy and that the Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E.) patent was originally created in Trieste in 1974 from an idea of illycaffè. The patent was withdrawn in 1996 in order to create a single industry standard for the easy preparation of bar-style espresso coffee also at home. Chair Suggi Liverani concludes by saying “This also links us to the choices and production of Caffè Borbone, which strongly convey the true essence of made in Italy”.