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Dal mercato

Host closes with a record 187,602 visitors and conquers industry professionals by revealing the trends of the sector

After five days of non-stop networking, trends and business discussions, HostMilano, the world-leading trade expo for the hospitality sector in all of its eclectic connotations, has ended.  The numbers underline the results of the 40th event: it was visited by a total of 187.602 industry professionals (+24.3% from 2015), 38.8% of whom came from 177 foreign countries (72,699 total, +20,4% from…read more →

From a market and scenarios standpoint, many things happened

Paper pods maintained their market share, in spite of fluctuations tied to the contingent crisis situation, and industrial mergers taking place in our sector. The figures shared by the Presidency, although not certified, nonetheless resulted from considerations tied to the President’s direct experience, and supported by research commissioned by the most renowned coffee roasting companies. First of all, the estimated…read more →

The Consortium is still pursuing the E.S.E. green dot project

At the end of the 2013-2015 three-year period, the Presidency and exiting Board of Directors agreed that the winning binomial was: the standard E.S.E. and eco-sustainability. Moreover, considering that the sector is undergoing a particularly lively period of activity, we should keep a close eye on it. There are increasingly stronger signs that a mature product such as paper pods…read more →