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Eco-sustainability focus

Standard E.S.E. paper pods successfully passed all preliminary disintegration and biodegradability tests. This was a crucial milestone towards the establishment of a true and proper certification of compostability program.

Both biodegradability and disintegration tests are required to determine the actual compostability of a product. 
The latest news regarding the standards and international certification entities will be published in this section.


Protection of the mark

Each time the E.S.E. collective trademark is used by anyone other than the legally entitled subjects (E.S.E. members), this constitutes a violation of the E.S.E. intellectual property rights (article 2598 c.c. no.2 of the Italian Civil Code) and infringes upon one of the primary objectives of the Consortium E.S.E. Articles of Association:
 ensure the correct application of the standard, the Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E.) denomination, the Consortium logo and collective mark, and promote the actions – including any lawsuit – necessary to prevent or curtail any illegal or incorrect use thereof.


Certified products

In 1998, the year the Consortium was founded, the number of E.S.E. certified products offered by Members totalled: 16 products by machine manufacturers belonging to 10 different coffee groups, and 9 products by coffee roasters, sold on the market under 5 different brands.

Today 118 products between espresso machines and servings bear the E.S.E. certification mark.

Members List

Media Coverage

The Media Coverage service is available to all Members of the Consortium E.S.E., and to a few privileged contacts.
The most significant articles on a variety of topics relevant to the sector are accessible through the Media Coverage service: news regarding Members, trade agreements, business development, financial results, marketing strategies, new products, market competition, health & safety, social responsibility, research and survey studies, modern distribution, coffee bars and coffee shops, sponsorships, culture, publicity campaigns and trade expos.

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(Italiano) Al lancio del primo Salone dello SRI, il caffè è offerto dai soci del Consorzio E.S.E.

(Italiano) Al lancio del primo Salone dello SRI, il caffè è offerto dai soci del Consorzio E.S.E.

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Consortium E.S.E. directors have been reconfirmed and President Furio Liverani re-elected

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