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L’azienda napoletana, tra i principali produttori di cialde e capsule, si unisce ai soci torrefattori illycaffè e Lavazza, per condividerne le sfide future nel rispetto dell’ambiente.


The new membership of Caffè Borbone marks the 25th anniversary of the Consortium for the Development and Protection of the E.S.E. Standard

The Neapolitan company, controlled by Italmobiliare Spa, is one of the leading specialised producers of pods and capsules and is joining forces with fellow coffee roasters Illycaffè and Lavazza…


There is not a single company that does not wish to proclaim its environmental sustainability, an aspect that is becoming increasingly important in the development of new products and markets. Finding one’s way through today’s vast choice of sustainable, ecological, recyclable, refillable, biodegradable and compostable capsules and pods is not easy…

Il Consorzio E.S.E. ha ottenuto la certificazione OK Compost Industrial – TUV Austria Italia.

In particolare, la licenza S1365 intestata al Consorzio, è in uso ai soci torrefattori illycaffè e Lavazza.

Protection of the mark

Each time the E.S.E. collective trademark is used by anyone other than the legally entitled subjects (E.S.E. members), this constitutes a violation of the E.S.E. intellectual property rights (article 2598 c.c. no.2 of the Italian Civil Code) and infringes upon one of the primary objectives of the Consortium E.S.E. Articles of Association: ensure the correct application of the standard, the Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E.) denomination, the Consortium logo and collective mark, and promote the actions – including any lawsuit – necessary to prevent or curtail any illegal or incorrect use thereof.